Thursday, October 4, 2012

Girly Girls

Some new work to share this week!   This first one is an experiment.  I used patterned brown and black Tim Holtz paper to collage her hair.  Funky dude!  The  only other collage elements used were a doily (upper right) , handwritten letter piece, lower left, and one other scrap of writing, center right.  The rest is done in acrylics with a little sculpting mud in the upper left.  Oh yes, and stamping with acrylics.  And some pens and charcoal pencils.    This girl is remembering her youth.   Or is it I that is doing the remembering?  

Here's another pretty face. I'll call her Francoise.  I used acrylics, pens and embellishments.

This one is called "Go for the Dream", a frequent thought while I paint.  What is my dream?  I would love to paint and to have people love my painting so much that they would want to hang it in their home.  That would be so satisfying.  Right now, I paint for myself.  To learn, to experiment, to find my style and then my niche.  My learning curve is at its highest now while I take in all the info in the classes I take and the books I read about mixed media.  Not to mention learning how to blog... Oh, my, my!  The banner heading in itself was a masterpiece of learning.  I think I changed it six times this week alone.  Finally, I was able to get the right size and dimensions and incorporate my own art work AND text into the banner.  I think I like it for now.  And the buttons.  I need to learn how to make MY button into a button you could snag the HTML code to place on your blog.  Woohoo,  would love that.  

As for the girl below, I am trying to decide if I want to keep the oval thingie.  I have not glued it down or the blingy things  (some are even upside down in this photo)  But... I wonder, does it add to the whole or not?  Love your help on this.  

And this.... this was a 5 minute sketch (no model)  in willow vine charcoal.  
I did others too but found that the quick one was the best with this medium.  
If I were younger, I would so date  him.  

So.. that's my work this week.  As always, I appreciate your comments and that you checked in.  An artist's life can be a lonely life without their peeps.


  1. Very nice paintings! I like the Tim Holtz Hair!

  2. Really like your work! So glad to be participating in Flying Lessons with so many remarkable and talented women like yourself! ~ Seasons of Grace & Wisdom

  3. I ADORE Francoise and your fast sketch. I really think the paper collage hair is cool, too. I don't think I have seen that before.