Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Sweetness

February? WOW!   I've been working for the school district testing students for qualification into the highly capable program.  Just a little part time gig, but man! It cuts into my art time.  My brother, an artful pianist, challenges me to face the WAR of ART.  There is such a book, written by Steven Pressfield.  This book challenges you to face the events in your life that cause you to procrastinate doing  your art.  I hadn't thought that doing a little work would qualify as procrastination, but guess it does.  

Fortunately, I have found some time to create lately.  My latest bunch have been in the same "genre" as I left you with on the last post.  I'm intrigued with the little waifs that have emerged on my canvases. 

Fairy with Heart

Share the Bunny
Mother and Child

Still loving mixed media... using papers, inks, pens, acrylics, sprays, rub-ons, stamps, etc.  Such fun.


  1. Jean, I'm absolutely loving your new stuff! I know you've learned a lot from Mindy Lacefield, but I'm really seeing your OWN expression coming through. These pieces are fantastic! Keep up the awesome work:)

  2. Your little waifs certainly are evolving! I just love them. I've heard of the War of Art...sounds like a must-read.
    Jean, I keep the ATC's I received from you near my desk as inspiration. I just love them. Thank you for adding to my daily inspiration. Have a great weekend!