Monday, July 29, 2013

Recent Work

Though summer is a busy time,  I still love to hideaway in my sunny studio room.  I've continued to try out new skills and materials.  My latest favorite art supply are the new Montana markers.  These little jewels are a paint pin filled with acrylic paint.  I've bought some of the fine tips (my favorite) and the extra fine.  LOVE THESE PENS for details and doodles.  
They even have empty ones that you can fill and refill yourself AND replaceable tips.  These will be my go-to markers. 

I haven't blogged about much work lately.  I am working at it, but my work now includes urban sketching (for practice and outdoor fun) and finishing up on a huge journal/scrapbook of my Paris trip.  
Here are some of my latest girls.  

Seeking Serenity
Mixed media with acrylic, pastels, ink, wash tape, collage papers on stretched canvas

Time to Fly
Mixed media with acrylics, pens, collage papers,  pastels on clay board.  

Three Friends
Mixed media on clay board

The paintings were photographed, not scanned so the colors are not as clear as the original.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice the Queen.

  2. Hi, Jean! It is so fun to visit you here and see how your art is evolving. You are really doing some beautiful things! I loved reading about your sketching trip to the winery and the ladies in this post are really inspiring. I think I love the Three Friends the best but all of these are really wonderful! Your color choices are lovely and the textures you achieve are so beautiful. So exciting to see you soar! XO, janice