Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Prolifically Painting these days!

Since the weather has settled down into the 70's,  my art room is a joyful place to be.  The windows are wide open, the maple tree reaches almost to the house now.  I could sit here all day. 

I have set some goals for my art.  My 2013 goal was to submit work to Stampington & Co. magazines to try to get published.   I did it!  Just this week, I sent 3 pieces in.   Now it is up to them, but I met my goal.  

Recently two ladies from my Kelly Rae Roberts Flyers group each set up a different forum for getting our work "out there".  One of the groups is a Facebook page where only flyers may post work and other people may visit by invitation and buy if so moved.  This is in the works.  The other group is on Pinterest and is called Gallery 593.  Anyone can subscribe to our boards but only "flyers" can post to it.  I am very happy to be a part of these two groups and continue to be amazed at the opportunities that online social media groups offer to the entrepreneur.  

One more goal I have is to transfer my blog to Wordpress.  I am working my way towards having my own website and WordPress offers the forum I am looking for.  So watch out for this transfer.  

And lastly, I have been prolific lately!  Here are some new paintings right of the press. 

Girl with a fur hood.
Acrylics on claybord.  8 x 10" 

Play Happy
9 x 12" claybord, acrylics, ink, collage

Girl with her doll
8 x 10" on claybord

Queen  for the Day
12 x12" claybord
acrylics, ink  and collage
inspired by the work of Maria Pace-Wynters

Lady with the hat and necklace
9 x 12" on claybord
Inspired by Modigliani

First stage of painting

I had kind of a block going, but think I am unstuck.  Half the problem was just getting up to the studio.   Another issue was the solitariness of creating.  I usually love that, but have wanted a way to have other artists to connect to other than online.  
Recently, I took a one day sketching on location class in Edmonds, WA.  At this class I found out about a group of artists who meet together every Friday on Whidbey Island at various locations to sketch and share.  (I mentioned this on a previous post)   You should check out their blog.  Lots of very talented artists!  
  http://whidbeyislandsketchers.blogspot.com  So far I have visited a winery, an artistically eclectic home and the Pronkin' Pastures of Alpacas.  I lived on Whidbey for 25 years yet never saw or even heard of the places we are visiting.  It is renewing my love for that island.  I'm not quite ready to post on that blog (they are all SO GOOD) but here is the little vignette I sketched on Friday.  We sat right in the pasture with a dozen or more of them and they would come right up to snoop at what we were doing.  


  1. nice fence........love the alpacas, the fur hood, the queens (both) and play happy ~ am glad you are back at it! <3

  2. Jean, I absolutely love your work! I find it incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your process and talking through getting 'unstuck'. I find that i focus so much on my kids and nurturing creativity in them.. that what I really need is to get back to my own art. Posts (and work) like this inspire me to do so!

    1. Lina, I did the same thing with kids and teaching. Now I see it is important to do this for ourselves! Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Jean, I really like your Lady with the Hat and Necklace. It has a Modigliani feel. Good show!