Friday, January 4, 2013

THe Stunningly Strange Gallery in Edmonds, Washington

This week I took myself on an "Artist Date" to a little gallery in Edmonds.  This gallery is owned by a fellow "flyer" from an online class I took,  Kaitlin Phillips Goodey.  Look at her gorgeous store!  Everything in there was made by her!

After introducing myself I got to go "backstage" where she has her studio.

Kaitlin's Workspace.  YUM!

Here are some of her cuties she is working on.

In her gallery she has a series of these encaustics.
I love the muted tones and the texture that only wax can create.

Kaitlin also features a lot of her sculpted art forms.  She uses paper clay as her sculpting medium.

More sculpted dollies. 

And some sewn dollies. 
She makes jewelry

and little hand painted pictures in frames. 

Look how cute the little pearl bikini is!  

 I was so impressed by all the different types of art that were displayed.  The shop is definitely unusual and quite fresh.  I loved my visit and came home inspired to get to work!


  1. what a gorgeous shop, thanks for sharing Jean. I'd seen her store from her posts but you did a terrific job of showcasing her works. Love the sculptured girls.

  2. WOW! Thank you for sharing your adventure! I love her stuff...especially that Wicked Witch I see. Perfect!

  3. Thank you Jean for coming by! It was great to meet you and talk shop a little too! I do love geeking about art supplies and online classes ect.

  4. WOW! How completely awesome that you have been able to have met two Flyers face to face! That in and of it self is just wonderful and then to have stepped into this gallery. It's beautiful! Once again, I wish I lived on the other coast!

  5. You lucky girl! I would love to meet up with some fellow flyers. I'll have to travel a bit, but there are a few of us in Texas. Kaitlin's artwork is wonderful and her store is simply stunning.