Monday, September 23, 2013

August Retreat

view from the hot tub

 I've taken four trips in the past year, two of them alone. Though I love good company, traveling alone is fine if you have the right mind-set.  About an hour from my home is a rental cabin on the Skykomish River in Index Washington which I rented for 5 days in August.  Initially it was going to be a girls' retreat with my BFF but it turned out to be a solo retreat.  I knew it would be a great opportunity to get in a lot of painting, since there was no TV or wifi.   I do love nature and nature did abound in this place.  At least the flora... never saw a fauna.   I did miss technology... sadly.

R and R by the river

Loved the trains tooting by several times a day.

The living room... nice cabin  
My creative space

Two of my paintings from that week.  

All in all, a  sweet and gentle time. 

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