Monday, September 23, 2013

Online art class with Juliette Crane

I always have at least one going.  I learn so much from watching others paint and from the collaboration that comes with online art classes.  Each class has its own Facebook private group, a photo gallery where students post their work for comments (always positive!)  and discussion forums.  And then there are the weekly lessons.

Juliette is one of many mixed media artists who is published in art magazines and shares her expertise in her workshops and online classes.  I am taking her Serendipity class which just started.  This month she shared painting backgrounds using painted papers torn and collaged, then painted again and embellished with symbols.  Out of the chaos, a figure (character) emerges, supposedly.  It is all so loose and unstructured and was very difficult for me for some reason.  I've done a lot of this, but by the end of my painting, I no longer have any of my background papers visible.  This wouldn't bother me except I see all the lumps and bumps and edges of the collaged papers but without the patterns!  I am hoping that I will learn this skill of incorporating collaged pages without losing them in the subsequent painting sessions.

Just for kicks I'll show you what my collaged page started out like.

 And this is what came of that:

I have a bit to learn about the effects of bleeding art tissue and better use of collaged patterns.
But then, that is why I take these classes.  
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  1. Great colors..........cute girlie...<3

  2. Your artwork is evolving, Jean. I can see you shining more and more through each piece! This girl is lovely. xo, janice