Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A gift for a friend

OK, so I have a friend who covets an original  oil pastel painting I have on my wall.  It was made by an artist friend of mine, Trudy Jane Patricio Pullen, and I love it too so I won't give it to her.  But, today was her birthday so I tried to replicate the picture for her.  Though it does not look quite like the original, I rather like it.  Here's the reproduction.

  Here's the original by T.J.

She's amazing.  More talent in her big toe than in .... well, in anyone I know.  (except my big brother)
Always fun to learn from the masters.  


  1. Beautiful! You have lots of amazing art in this blog! Nothing mundane here :)

  2. I like your reproduction a lot! Much softer than the original.