Saturday, September 15, 2012

Time for Color

For this next piece I was in the mood for colorful so I started off by slapping a bunch of odds and ends on my canvas.  This is what it looked like at that stage:

Just random stuff.  Tissue paper, patterned paper, stickers, scrap of writing, stamps, stuff.   I am gaining confidence that the finished product will look NOTHING like this stage, but if you look hard you will see evidence of this peeking through.  
I wish I'd remember to take more pictures along the way because it is quite a jump to the next picture.  It involved layers of paint, red ink, dot stencils, white marker.  

I made little paper clay disks to add to the flowers.  They are about 1/4" thick.  I dropped one on the floor and can't find it so there is one more in the making.  (My floor is NOT cluttery.  It's like the floor opened up and swallowed it. GONE!)   More paint, and details with marker and paint.  Finished.
I like it.

What should I name this one?
Right now all I can think of is Girl with a Bird.   So Imaginative. 

As suggested in the comments, I will name this "A Little Birdy Told Me"  


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love your painting! You could call it something like "A little birdie told me..." See you in flying lessons :)

  2. Ha! Christina, that is the title I thought of too. :) I really like this piece, the background is so rich and the girl has such great personality in her face! ♥

    1. Two visits, wow! Thank you. I really am influenced by our KRR right now. I need to find my own style!!

  3. I like the name Christina said. I know that feeling as if the floor just swalloed it up. (Homework ;) great job the disks in the flowers add a lot to it.

  4. I love the rich colors! Especially those red flowers.