Sunday, September 2, 2012

Starting Off!

At the end of June, I retired from my "day job".  I was a teacher for 29 years, mostly elementary school and mostly highly capable/gifted students.  It was a PERFECT job but, I was always missing something.  That something was spending time doing art.

Oh, yes, I dabbled.   But, I had no time to learn, to practice or to figure out what I wanted to really do.  Frankly, I still don't, but I've started.  Oh, yes, I have.

I live in a small house and I had no place for art "clutter".  My dream was to build an artist cottage, kind of like this one:  

And I may still.  But in the meantime, I needed a place to start my journey.  So, I took a spare bedroom which was my office and added a few amenities and ended up with this space:

Sweet!  It is tiny and absolutely no room for one more piece of furniture, but it is a workable and enjoyable space.  In fact this is my view:

Hello, maple tree.  I hate your roots in my grass, but you make a fine view out my window on a summer's day.

Nothing stopping me now.

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