Monday, September 24, 2012

Feeling Bravely

When I started this blog the first part of September, (3 weeks ago)  I plunged in (with an audience of one)  just to keep track of all the painting I've been doing.  I knew it would be fun to see how my art progressed.  Since then, I've been taking an e-course for creative souls that is very encouraging in putting yourself "out there".  It really is an act of courage to say, "Hey, look at my blog and my paintings".  Who do I think I am saying, "I am an artist"?  But.... that is exactly what I am now.  If I don't believe it, I won't be it.

Because of this class, I am taking steps  to establish an online presence,  like starting this blog,  a pinterest account,  a Facebook account for my "business"  (I have the account, just nothing on there yet,) and an Etsy shop, (have that too, with nothing posted as yet).  I would like to have a website within the year, hopefully.  ( I REALLY love and admire my son-in-law who is an amazing website designer! )

Today, I finished a canvas that started as a sketch in my sketch book.  I thought she had potential so I used her as a model for my canvas drawing.

Prepping the canvas.  I used some floral paper collaged with acrylics added.

I am still trying to figure out what to seal the finished paintings with.  Since I use acrylics and pencils, paper, and sometimes markers and sprays, I am not sure what the best sealant would be.  I have a BUNCH to take care of!

This one is 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" by 1 1/2".

I painted with full-bodied acylics today rather than fluid acrylics and I think that made a huge difference in blending paint for the skin tones.  Thinking I need to fix that arm.  It looks kind of hinged instead of an integral part of the body.  Hmm.

These paints are "da bomb"!


  1. We are in Kelly Rae's class together and I just noticed that you live in Everett too! I've enjoyed the last 1/2 hour reading your posts and I feel like I know you already! I'll be following your blog with pleasure and hope to comment with you in class!!!!

  2. Jean,
    Doesn't it feel good to finally say that you're an artist?! So refreshing and exciting getting all of your sites set up. Your artwork is beautiful too! Love it.

  3. I am also taking the flying lessons e-course. Reading this post, was like reading my own thoughts, as I've been wondering what to seal my mixed media pieces with. I also love golden paints they are my favorites, have you tried the fluid ones? they are very nice as well.