Sunday, September 2, 2012

Taking a class!

How fun is that?  An online class for drawing.  Found this person, Jane Davenport from Australia, through KRR's blog and decided to take her Supplies Me class.  Though this gal is not my muse, she takes her e-students through a series of videos demonstrating the use of different art supplies.  She is in keeping with my wish to use different art media in the same painting and I've been learning about supplies I never heard of.  Like for instance, Inktense pencils, for example.  These little beauties are rich colored pencils that turn into vibrant water colors when a wet brush is put to them.  

I also had never heard of pastel pencils.  Always have used the crayons and find them SO MESSY and really hard to blend without having balls of crayon goo left on the page.  But the pencils!  I just got a small set and can already see some fun times ahead.

My favorite must-have new supplies are:

*  white Sharpie Paint marker
*  Gesso
*  Adirondack Color Washes
*  Adirondack Paint Dabbers
*  Ranger Distress Stains

First time using these supplies... never heard of some of them and they are out there making painting so much fun!

So, the class is meant to be about a 6 week deal, but she leaves the lessons up for use for a 12 month period.  I am taking my sweet time and am on week 3 now.  I get side-tracked with other things I want to do but I have been trying to do all of the "homework" she requests at the end of each video series.

This little lady was one of the first assignments... using a variety of media in the painting.  I am supposed to be keeping a journal, but I keep ripping the pages out of the book so I can see them better, so I abandoned the book idea.

I like her white hair and her lips.

My next assignment I used colored pencils to make faces... all kinds of faces.  I was practicing the "turned face"  too which takes some practice getting the chin, lips and nose lined up parallel-like.

My third assignment was to do a piece with back and bottom included.  Huh?  Never did this but using a little wooden doll like this:  

I think I figured it out.  

We were also to incorporate shading.  A little too rosy for cheeks but the sun was out.  

Happy Trails.  

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