Sunday, September 2, 2012

First steps

Everyone needs a muse, and my current one is Kelly Rae Roberts.  She is a young punk (no offense, Kelly, really!)  who decided to become an artist and made a few million in her first years trying.  Seriously!  My intent has not been to earn a living, but I must admit she is an interesting gal and one who is definitely following her dream.  I bought her book called Taking Flight which was quite inspirational in encouraging me down the path I'd been wanting to explore.  And that is mixed media.  Which is another name for using any kind of art medium, paper, embellishments, ephemeral, and "stuff" to add texture to the work.  I am fascinated with this and it is fun.  So here is where I start.

My first piece was "inspired" by that book.  I used a photo of myself as a 4 year old with my beloved dolls and  included it in my painting.
I used patterned paper, acrylic paints, silver spray paint with a doily edging, pens and rusted stars, letters,  beads and a wooden button.  The piece is 8 x 8 " on  1" thick wood.

You can see a bit of Kelly Rae Roberts influence in my first pieces.  (But even Michaelangelo had influences!)

My next two pieces are kind of similar.  I am into pink and turquoise.  Both
of these are on the wood 8 x 8" wood pieces (So, yes, I bought a board!)  I enjoy the smoothness of the wood.  And it is cheap!

The first one I tried imbedding some writing... a card given to me from my daughter.  The text says,  "Stepping back from her canvas, she saw her soul".  I thought this was apropos to the moment because I was SO EXCITED to be started to play with paint again.  Time flies when I am in my studio.  Just playing.

I seem to be drawn to bling.  Sparkly see-through paint like the blue in her dress and the silver circles (made with the top of a lipstick tube.  Love circles!

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