Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 13, Wandering Mostly

I found myself needed to do some laundry, cleaning the apartment,  being domestic this morning.  It was the latest that I've gotten out and about.  About noon, I headed for Starbucks.  Its a good mile to get there.  I must say that Starbucks does a GOOD business in Paris.  I've been told it only arrived here a couple of years ago, there are only a few and wide spread apart, but they are C.R.O.W.D.E.D.  Starbucks needs to get busy and open some more.

I almost turned back and went "home".  I dislike crowds and Montmartre was a-crawling with masses. But, I have the itch to walk every day and see new sights.  So I took a subway or two to the east end of town to a stop on the Seine and found myself across the street from the Jardin du Plantes.  Well, I had to go see.  Sure enough,  plants, but no competition to Giverny.  I saw that there was a zoo there too, but I was wanting to be walking the river, so I took a quick walk through the gardens and hit the road.  Love that there are so many free gardens and parks to enjoy!

This is me

eating this

and looking at this
A cute little riverside park.  Gray day and cold.  The rains did come.
This was my  walk for the day....
Only 12,000 steps today, probably due to my late start.
Anyone have a GUESS what this depicts?  SO WEIRD!  
Other sights from today:

emergency vehicle

I'm thinking I could have done this!

Le Jardin du Plantes



  1. Beautiful Poppies! It's funny Starbucks is so crowded I thought the French made good coffee and Starbucks stole their ideas. Looks like a lovely walk.

    1. Actually, Italy has the amazing coffee. I read that Paris does not have good coffee and I have found that to be true!

  2. You look magnifique' in your hoody.