Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Traveling to Paris Day 1

I was rather dreading the 10 hour flight but it turned out to be not such a bad thing.  Air France/Delta rocks!  Starting with the blanket and pillow on the seats (which I usually have to dive for because there are never enough) and proceeding to free wine, individual "TV's" with a Netflix-like list of free movies and 2 meals and a couple snacks, Delta served us well.  I was seatmates with a very fidgety man who was very enamored with the GPS map of where we were at all times, what the wind velocity was,  barometric pressure, temperature,  distance from and distance to.  That's how he used his TV.

And then there is Paris.  Sea-Tac airport has Charles de Gaulle beat hands down.  Sea-Tac had live music in the restaurant area when I was leaving!  I didn't even see any shops or restaurants in the mile I walked at CDG.  (In their defense I was heading for the baggage pickup area)
I'm glad I've been here before, because the trip in to Paris and the part of town I am staying in for the first 2 nights are not all that picturesque.  My hotel and room are quite nice but it is plopped smack dab in a seedy little area of Montmarte and there is walking to be done before you get to anything worth looking at.  But my room is quiet, spankin clean and the staff is friendly and helpful, so I will catch up on my sleep and do some walking.

I tried to take a nap when I arrived, but even though it was 3 AM Seattle time, I couldn't fall asleep.  So, I walked up about a mile (up) to the Sacre Coeur Basilica.  I wish I had been allowed to take pictures inside because it was real pretty.  On my way back down the hill I stopped in at a little cafe that advertised free wi-fi (pronounced wee fee).  It was full of locals and had a menu I could barely read, so I tried the Trois Poisson.  I wish I had written down the whole description and then come home to look up what I ate.  It was good enough to eat but not amazing.  I think I will do some homework before I eat again.  Just too tired to even think about what I'll do tomorrow.

Some pictures from my short first day: NOTE:   having a load of trouble adding pictures using an ipad .  I can't scroll down or add captions after I add them.   All the pictures were taken on my walk up the hill to the church and back.  And my Trois Poissons dinner.

Wisteria wines near a pink house

Climbing the hill to Sacre Coeur. 

The Eiffel Tower


  1. Glad you made it safe and sound! Taking it easy your first day is wise. Your meal looks lovely...

  2. Are you flying solo? My dream right now is time alone....I wish you an amazing journey, I'll be living vicariously through you!

  3. I love to get comments! Susan, I am solo except for on week 3, my daughter will be stopping over for three days on her way to India for work. I don't mind being alone. Lots of people to talk to and I can meander at my own pace.