Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 3 In Paris, The Tuileries

Today I moved into my "flat".  I L.O.V.E. it.  So, so Parisian!  I just realized there is NO TV!!  Eighteen days without television.  Love it!  There is a stereo and a stack of CD's which I am totally enjoying.   I must say though tiny, this apartment is at least 4 times the size of my hotel room so I'll be a happy camper here.

Tres jolie, n'est-ce pas?

This place has a TON of stairs.  The subway has a TON of stairs.  Montmartre is a HILL and has a TON of stairs between east and west streets.  My knees are whining!
After moving in this morning, I walked to a local market and stocked up on some wine, fruit and bread.  Have not found the cheese place yet.  Then, I took off by subway to the  Tuillerie Gardens.  I got a bit closer to the Eiffel Tower today and enjoyed the gardens and the masses of people.  I'll load some pictures, but cannot write captions until I get to a real computer.  They are all of the 
Tuileries,  the Louvre (outside) and a picture of a Paris Starbucks!  Enjoy and leave me a comment, please  :+)   


  1. Mom, your comments feature isn't working on my Mac for some reason. Trying PC.

  2. Hmmm, that worked! The flat looks amazing and perfect for your (our) Parisian adventure!! What a spot to wake up and come home to each day. The gardens look fabulous. Great time of year to be in Paris!


    1. Sarah, I wonder why you aren't using Google to sign in? ant wait for you to get here!

  3. Let me know if the comments are not working. My daughters had some trouble so wondering what the deal is.

  4. Salutations mon ami. J'espère que tous vos rêves se réalisent. (Greetings my friend. I hope all of your dreams come true!) I'm drooling over your photos.
    Be sure to bring home lots of pretty little papers to collage! XO

  5. Lovely photos and such a gorgeous flat...I am envious, but so happy you are getting to enjoy some soul-filling time in beautiful Paris! ♥

  6. Hi Jean, I used to work with your daughter Sarah in IPG and found your blog via her Facebook. I am loving your art (I'm a fellow Etsian too!), but I'm really enjoying seeing your journey through Paris. That apartment is PERFECTION. I'd love to move in there for a month too! Hope you find the cheese store soon...

  7. Such great pix, and what a FINE time for you. You will be ever so lithe upon your return! Great exercise and eating program. Loved the Seine and Notre Dame.... I sang this song for Dick when we stood in front of the St. Germain des Pres about 2 decades ago. Obviously it is time to go again! How grand that Sarah gets to join you.... sketch alot, please...and post 'em.