Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 9 in Paris, Les Champs D'Elysees

Here's a good reason you may not want to be with me.  I have kinda weird taste.  Today I set off to find a Wednesday-only market of "Old and ancient Papers". At the end of the subway line and out of the Peripherique  (The Peripherique is a freeway that circles Paris.  All the cool neighborhoods and "must-see's are within the Peripherique . But today,  I was in search of French ephemera for my art.   I knew it was a gamble, but what the heck?  

I did find the market and it was kind of quaint.  Mostly run by and visited by old men, it contained table after table of old postcards, envelopes (written on), books, comics, etc.  I found one table that had a mess of vintage (circa 1932) ledger papers.  I reckon I am an easy mark and real Parisiens would bargain, but I bought seven cool pieces of paper for 3, 50 Euros (about $5)  

On my way back to the subway, i passed through another "farmers" market that seemed endless.  These markets which are in every neighborhood on various days of the week, have booths for fruits and vegetables, cheese, meats, fish, spices, flowers, clothes... endless choices.  I bought framboises (raspberries) and ate them as I walked.  Interestingly, here in the outskirts I was able to spend 2 Euros for what cost me four in "town".  I am catching on to what the Parisiens must do.  
Thought you may be interested in pigs ears or maybe pigs feet for dinner tonight?   

Since my subway was rather longish (about 30 min) I shored up my strength and went on to the Arc de Triomphe.  Unfortunately, I had switched out my camera lens today because I was thinking I'd be taking close-ups, so my 50mm was not able to take in the whole structure.  I'll be back there next week, with my daughter, so no worries.  
Les  Champs D'Elysees

I walked the Champs d'Elysee, stopping to poke in some stores.  Oooolala.  Paris has some nice clothes!  

I had forgotten my cell phone at the apartment this morning, which I don't use much when I'm out except for as a watch!!!!  I had no idea all day what time it was and arrived back at the flat at 2:30 PM,  probably my earliest day back!  

Tomorrow, I am scheduled for another "class"... this one called Baguette to Bistro: culinary Traditions of Paris.  It is a chaperoned walk, where we stop at various places for "tastings".  It's down in my favorite part of town, Saint Germain-des-Pres and Rue de Bac, so I know it should be good.   I only signed up for two classes, this being my second, which I think was enough.  I am doing well enough on my own, methinks.  


                          A view from my neighborhood.  



  1. Please no more pictures of pigs feet/non delicious looking eats! Stick to the pastries and other yummies please! ;)

    1. Surely, Beth, you could come up with a delicious way if cooking those cute lil ears?

  2. How fun! I think that's a good price for vintage papers :) isn't it wonderful to not have to keep track f time! Luckily you get to go back with your daughter. I hope you two have a fabulous time! Have you read Traveling with Pomegranates a great book! It's about a Mom and daughter traveling around Europe. It's written by Sue Monk Kidd, I love her books :) enjoy!

  3. Ooo, I love Sue monk Kidds books. I'll look it up now! Thanks for the tip, Chandra!

  4. Love your posts, mom!

  5. Jean, Your posts are fascinating. So newsy and descriptive! My only trip to Paris seems like it was 100 years ago, so I'm loving your travels!

    Ruth Packard

  6. Papier! Tres bien! Be sure to look through the little book stands along the Seine too. They sell lots of old books and such. So wish I was with you Jean!

    1. I have, Colleen, but so far have found no "deals". I guess what I've been seeing is genuinely old books and consequently more to buy than I want for collage!