Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 2 Paris Part 2

(Due to technical Ipad issues, my posts are in parts). After leaving the museum I walked a big loop through the 7th arrondisement which is on the south bank of the Seine directly across from the Louvre and the Tuileries
 My lunch was a sweet little spinach and mushroom quiche from a sweet little boulangerie.

 I ate it in this sweet little neighborhood park with the lilacs filling the air .

 Paris sticks these little parks every mile or so for a pleasant sit-down. Heaven!  Notice the subtle mural on the building.

Famous Ludurees I just happened upon. Oh, my!  I was introduced to maccarons!  All this walking, surely I can indulge?
Other highlights of this day included a walk along the Seine and a visit to the A-Mazing Bon Marche, not even remotely like the ones that became Macy's in the US.
I could not/would not afford a thing in the store but it was floor after floor of eye candy. I also walked up to check out my flat that I will move into tomorrow. Also in Montmartre, I'll be staying there for 18 days. I'll show you pictures tomorrow. Bon nuit!
PS.  My French is getting me around. I am NOT fluent but I have been able to converse somewhat. Whew!

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