Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 6 in Paris, Eiffel Tower


OMGosh!  So happy I slept 12 hours last night.  Some days I wake up at the crack of dawn after 5 hours and other days I just need. to. sleep.  Rarin' to go!  I was thinking about going to the huge Sunday Bastille market today but I got a late start out the door and it is a looong way by subway.  Best to do in the morning.  I still have a couple more Sundays, so it is on my list.  

Instead, I headed out in search of the perfect mille feuille, better known to me as a Napoleon pastry.  Kind of tired of croissants.  I walked west from my apartment to get to Rue Caulaincort where I knew there was a Boulangerie and a Patisserie and hopefully coffee.  Scoring my pastry, I headed for Starbucks, which alas, in Paris, is not on every block.  Since there is that "sweet tooth" temptation here I am thankful for the need to walk everywhere.  After getting my grande fix, I had headed up to the Rue du Abbesses which was just a few blocks away.   I found this to be a sweet road of lots of foodie shops, markets, street minstrels and restaurants and loads of people on a Sunday jaunt.  Since I was full of my petit dejeuner, I was happy to just stroll along and see the sights.  I did stop at a fromagerie to buy a small chunk of very expensive and delicious cheese to take home to my growing stash of totally French picnic foods.   By now, I was about half way around Montmarte hill, so I decided to continue around the hill to get back to my apartment.  MISTAKE.  This took me through a neighborhood of places of "ill repute", sex shows and the like and then on to another neighborhood that seemed to be one cell phone shop after another.  I am totally spoiled with all the eye candy, so I hurried onward to get home.  This little excursion of many miles (I was not wearing my pedometer today), took me 4 hours.  I got home around 2:00 PM, ate my lunch, hung around and decided to trek out again to see the Eiffel Tower up close and personal. 

After studying the map, I took the subway to the other side of the Seine (east bank?, seems south to me)  and set off to walk, thinking it was a short distance.  It wasn't.  But it was a pleasant day, cold, crisp and sunny.  And, of course, the sight of it is stupendous.  Pictures cannot capture the immensity of it.  I love the 4 legged base.  Took lots and lots of pictures from every angle,  side view, low view, full view, front view, view with a tree, view with the carousel, view from on the bridge, view from across the Seine, etc.  With some photoshopping of exposure when I get home, I may have some good shots.  

It is interesting to me that of all the places in Paris, the Eiffel Tower has the LEAST convenient subway access.  I did find a closer one to go home by, but I had to take one south to get to my transfer point to go North to my apartment.  Fortunately, I had a good book to read on my Iphone.  

Love my followers.  Makes me feel like I am traveling with friends!  Pictures of the day:

My favorite


  1. I especially like your first and last tower pix...of the base and flowers, carousel. might be great pen and ink, if you are so moved.... We went up to the first landing, as they were working on level 2 when we went. not sure if that is as far as one can go.
    Keep on walkin'......I am betting you will be down 10-15# by the end of the month!

    1. Doubtful i'll be losing lots, sister, with my patisserie trips, but I'll be happy with some lean muscle and keeping the status quo weight-wise. Sarah and I have tickets to the tippy top of the ET when she gets here.

  2. Any strange men hit on you yet?